About Us

Equipe Major is an online boutique with the motto of life > style.

Our mission is to empower our customers to style their lives by being their authentic selves and dressing like they only live once. We believe that style is important but living a great life is more important.

This is not just a tag line, but the way we run our business. We believe that all life is important and thus sell clothing that is cruelty-free and does not come from animals. 

The first collection of the Equipe Major  line - The Vault Collection has launched and includes the already highly popular Pharaoh's Crown. The Equipe Major line is PETA vegan approved !

Equipe Major fans love the cosmopolitan chic feel of our clothes. 

In addition to our own small line, we carefully source and curate cruelty-free pieces from other high quality fashion forward lines and seek to work with brands with ethical manufacturing practices.Our pieces can go from Haight Street hip to the office, a nightclub, to a summer getaway in Paris, or even to Burning Man!

Equipe Major was founded in early 2014 by San Francisco natives and siblings, Iwa Major-Nealy and Yroko Marie Major-Nealy. Since that date, this major team has been on a mission to share their unique “hella” Bay Area style with the world.

Born and raised in San Francisco, the children of a musician father and writer mother, the founders were immersed in the unique culture and experience of the San Francisco art scene. Yroko and Iwa went to alternative schools and studied art and music, and love all things fashion.

They have both traveled internationally and have found that there’s no place quite like home, and truly no place with the style of San Francisco. They have infused Equipe Major with this life experience.

You're major - own it!